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Our solution offerings are designed to touch all aspects of a digital transformation journey of an enterprise by using a combination of business and technology solution platforms and capabilities. We deliver efficient, sustainable, scalable solutions through our pragmatic approach.

Leveraging DisruptionSuite, combined with our integration and development services which are governed by operational and delivery excellence, we are geared to consult, advise, implement and deliver end-to-end digital disruption for enterprises.

Digital Consulting &

We consult with you and help define digital transformation goals, develop strategies and roadmaps that help drive excellence in business outcomes, including revenue, operations efficiency and business process transformation.

Digital Disruption Engineering

We're a solutions company delivering excellence in solution engineering. Leveraging DisruptionSuite and the wealth of accelerators, microservices, tools, themes, utilities and domain-specific APIs, we can kick-start your design and development and deliver digital engineering solutions to meet your business goals in quick time.

We will guide you through your digital transformation journey while delivering increased agility, operational efficiency, business value, new revenue channels and improved return on investment along the way.

Digital Operations Management
Dev Ops

Dev Ops Management

Test Ops

Test Ops Management

Security Ops

Security Ops Management

From smaller businesses processes and workflows and infrastructure to large enterprise continuous delivery, and leveraging DisruptionSuite, it’s right solution, tools and methodologies best-suited for your business, we deliver end-to-end Dev Ops, Test Ops and Security Ops from infrastructure to agile delivery.

Digital Experience

We deliver delight to your consumers. Using ExperienceCrafter and its tools, utilities, themes, accelerators and ready-to-use DelightApps, we build ‘Consumer Delight’ apps with content and design that engages and enthrals. Our approach to UI and UX involves design thinking and user-experience-centric design methodologies.

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